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Arduino Hack – DIY Ultrasonic Cat Water Dish Monitor/Twitter!


Check out this cool device that can monitor a cat’s water dish and also twits it to Twitter.

1. Arduino waits for serial communication from computer connected by USB. Upon request from the computer, it will take a water level reading and send it back. 2. The computer, an NSLU2 reflashed with Debian, sends a request every hour at “0″ minute for the current water level. It takes that level and creates a text file, the text file is then uploaded to t

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Nike+Ipod Serial Converter Module from Sparkfun

Check out this Ipod Serial converter module from Sparkfun. You can now communicate to your iPods with a microcontroller such as Arduino, CUBLOC or Make controller. They even have a sample VB program for you to work with. This would be great for future do-it-yourself projects! 🙂

This is a simple USB serial interface to mate with

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DIY HACK – Howto Hack a Compact GPS!

Here’s a cool GPS serial hack using a Compact GPS from older PDAs.

Below is a description of how to modify the compactGPS to work with a standard serial port. This mod will allow you to use the device using your PDA serial port, a PC serial port, and a PDA/GPS car kit.

This device is a compact flash adapter for GPS If you are a walker or hiker, you should look at this device. It is very accurate, and has a very low data acquisition time. This worked fantastical

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Christmas HOWTO – X-10 Usage for PlanetChristmas

Ah ha, here’s a good X10 Solution for your Christmas lights. What is X10? It’s a communication via your existing AC power lines. Well this is more complicated the 5 minutes version we made the other day but still good info on X10 Protocol

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HOW TO – Serial controlled variable speed motor

Here’s a cool DIY on how to control a DC motor using your serial port via Make.

Westsw shows you how to control the speed of a small DC motor with nothing but the serial port on your computer, a single MOSFET, and DOS commands…

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DIY – Ethernet Enabled Servo Motor Control in 1 hour!

Here’s a cool DIY on ethernet enabled servo motor control using CUBLOC CB220, XPORT, and Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller by Thomas Edwards.

He also uses an Python Internet server to read the servo position information.

This was done in about 1 hour…pretty impressive.

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