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Rolling Wind Tunnel that goes at 180MPH!

Check out this rolling wind tunnel that goes 180MPH! It looks insane! (What happens if there’s failure? Will the race car just fly off there?!?)

Haas CNC Racing NASCAR team owner Gene Haas in conjunction with Jacobs Engineering has created the first rolling road testing facility in the United States known as WindShear Inc. The one-millimeter thick continuous steel belt will roll at over 180mph, and features sensors under the bed that can take readings at each wheel. At top speed the wind tunnel fan will circulate 2.85 million cubic feet of

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More Cool Interactive Touchless Displays


Wow, it seems like more cool interactive touchless displays are popping up these days.

…swipe their hand from a distance of up to 15cm away and the built-in sensors translate that movement into a command.

[via] ministryoftech

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Quasi the robot from Carnegie Mellon Univeristy


Wow, check out this quasi the robot from Carnegie Mellon University! Very hilarious in the video and seems to be very

interactive at talking with people!

We’ve already got robotic eyedrops that can facilitate conversation and react accordingly to their surroundings, and there’s even an R2-D2 clone to get your feet shuffling once you’ve recovered, but researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed an emotive robot, complete with his own interactive booth

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