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Paypal DIY – How to Send Money to India!

Recently, Paypal was banned from sending money to India.

Some of our bloggers have been having trouble receiving money because of the issue.

What are the alternatives?

I’ve tried Xoom, which charges a very small fee to send anything under $1000 and no charge between $2000-3000.

If you do business over in India and you need to keep sending/receive money, try Xoom.

I tried it couple years back when I sent money to our bloggers in India and works

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make a open-source MP3 Player!

The guys Will at posted his howto on .  He shows us how to solder and assemble the Make Daisy MP3 Player from scratch! Well, this MP3 Player has always been on our priority list for hacking and modding so check it out and make one for yourself! We plan to hack it with some LCDs and more…


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