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Segway Robot ROVIN Update – Line-tracing Video

[gv data=”_CWi7DllsHo”][/gv]

Here’s a line-tracing video of the segway robot ROVIN mentioned couple weeks ago that uses a cutouch from comfile.

Kinda cool.

I found some pricing for these segway robots:

I guess the company robo3 is right now working on a humanoid version, which will help you clean your house and do entertain your kids… ROBIN 1500/$15,000 (ROBIN RMP 800+ABS body + Touch screen) ROBIN 2500/$25,000 (ROBIN 1500 + ARM) ROBIN 3500/$35,000 (ROBIN 2500 + Vision system + PDA remote controller) + Charger ROBIN 4500/$45

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What are people doing with Segways these days…Segway-ting

Here’s a cool video I found on google video, it seems like they are using it on skateboard ramps and really funny how people are using emerging technology as an everyday fun toy like skateboard…

[gv data=”http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=5938205801627048651&hl=en” width=”670″ height=”400″][/gv]

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Robot – Balbot

[gv data=”UZKOk48w1-8″][/gv]

Awesome balbot w/ segway structure!

via robotforums

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DIY – Equibot – Mini segway robot


Here’s mini version of Segway robot…using 2 Hitec servo motors Atmega32 mcu… Yey, now I can make some cool robots that run on a segway structure! 🙂

via link

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Robot3 – Segway Humanoid Robot that can dance, run, and wake up at the right time!


Here’s a video, the robot seems to play good w/ kids… 🙂


robo3 website link

Just in from Chosun news in Korea, robo3 just developed a robot based on Segway structure. The robot can dance, run, and wake you up in the morning. It has

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