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Linux Hack – SSH/SCP HOWTOs for More Secure/Faster Linux!

As a person who manages about 10 web servers on a daily basis (yes, that’s the overworked poor me), SSH/SCP has been invaluable in having me get things done faster while keeping things secure.

For those of you who don’t know, SSH is basically a secure shell for linux systems (my web servers run linux) so you can connect to it remotely and get things done.  Of course, you will need a dedicated server of some sort because most shared web hosting companies don’t allow for SSH connections.  (or VPS would work too

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iPhone Hack ALERT- How to Secure Your Jailbroken iPhone!

Here’s a quick alert for iPhone users who have jailbroke their iPhones, you need to secure your iPhone by changing your SSH root password if you haven’t.

Otherwise, it’s very easy for someone to hack your iPhone!

As correctly pointed out by some users in the comments section below, the instruction in Step 2 will change your mobile password only. In order to change root password, type ‘login’ command (without quotes) and then press enter. Now type

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How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately

Here’s a cool howto on bypassing firewalls. It can also be very helpful those of you trying to make an ethernet application since firewalls are existent almost everywhere now. Even your basic router at your home does have minimal firewall capabilities.

This week, we will digg a little bit deeper into firewalls, internet, and security hacks.

This guide discusses a way an employee or student can securely access the Internet while at work or school, and also get around some common firewall restrictions that prevent you fr

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