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How To Do Search Engine Hacks And Tricks

Want to access things that can’t normally be accessed by your search engine? Check this video out to learn how. This video tutorial shows you a variety of tricks and hacks you can use on the web. It covers 4 ways to search for security cameras, find websites you can’t search normally in search engines (whitehouse.gov etc.), hiding google functions and more. Watch this video tutorial and l

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JUNGzilla.com Launched Baby, a Web 2.0 Search Engine!

JUNGzilla.com has been launched, a search engine that can help you find blog posts, images, videos, and more.  Try “Zedomax” for fun.

Well, it’s that time of the year, we are not sure why we have this creative juice to make and launch new websites but here’s JUNGzilla.com, a Web 2.0 blog/image/video/tag search engine.

Honestly, I couldn’t go to sleep so I woke up in the middle of the night at 3am and started co

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Stattt.com Launched!!! – Stats Search Engine for Webmasters!!!

Happy New Years 2009 everybody!

Yesterday, I launched Stattt.com, a stats search engine for webmasters.  Basically, you can see whole bunch of stats and information about domain names and keywords.  Bookmark it and it will save you time the next time you need to check stats for your website.

Stattt.com is basically a very cool tool for webmasters who want to check their web traffic stats everyday.

I didn’t actually make this site to make money or anything, I simply needed a website that could let me

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Zedomax Blog Search Engine Update!

I’ve been so lately that I’ve hired Andrew, one of our network bloggers to do blog posts since last couple days ago.  (Yes, I will have to update who writes the post, I forgot to add that during the WordPress Theme change.)

Anyways, I have been busy but I will hopefully come back to full-time blogging soon.

The latest update on the Zedomax Blog Search Engine includes recent searches and popular searches so you can check out what other people are “

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Livingroom DIY – How to Make a Cool Pillow with Custom Trim!

If you need some ideas for DIY pillows, here’s a really cool DIY that shows you how to make a cool pillow with custom trim!

If you want to give an old pillow of yours a makeover then we have just the right post for you. At Instructables, there is a post on how to make a pillow with corded trim and you can read the entire thing here.

Some excerpts: step 1 Getting your fabric ready Lay out your material and cut the size pillow you would like. For example

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Blog DIY – How to Bring More Web Traffic on your Blog!

Here’s a video explaining my latest Web2.0+ work on blogs and search engine style themes.

It might be helpful for any bloggers out there so let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Well, I have been working kinda hard lately, not getting enough sleep so my video might be hard to understand but I am showing you how you can boost 20-30% more “search” web traffic on your blog.

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Add Zedomax Search Engine to your Firefox Seach Bar!

Well, it’s been a crazy couple days of coding (I am sorry for my regular readers but I have some more awesome posts coming soon).

Anyways, you can now add Zedomax Blog Search Engine to your Firefox, simply by clicking the below button.

Enjoy and we are working on implementing more new Web3.0ish strategies to improve our search results.

Click Here to Install Zedomax Search Engine on your Firefox

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Zedomax Blog “Search Engine Style” WordPress Theme v.0.1 Available!

Yey, I finally made a WordPress theme available for people to download.  (I have made tons of them in the past but never realized that it could be helpful for others)

This WordPress theme is the one I used like yesterday. (I already developed a 3-column version of it that you see now)

Anyway, I had to pretty much water the theme down as much as possible so you can customize it to your liking.

This theme will help your blog

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Zedomax New WordPress Blog Search Engine Theme!

Yey, I’ve been working all day until now, which is 3AM, to design a brand new WordPress Search Engine Blog Theme.

Basically, what I’ve realized is that there’s over 5000+ blog posts in this blog and it’s hard to find any good information anymore.

By hacking the WordPress from scratch (hacking the defauly Kubrick theme), I figured out a way to make your blog into a “visual” seach engine, sorta like Google with 100×75 pixel pics.

This type of theme might be great for those of you who have over 30

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New Design for Zedomax WordPress Theme!

Here’s my new Web3.0 design for Zedomax’s new WordPress Theme.  Well, it looks kinda crude since I put it on my kitchen whiteboard but I will let update with HOWTOs and the theme available for free download when I am done.

Basically, I will be redesigning the site to be more like a search engine.  Since Zedomax.com has a LOT of information but it’s hard to search, I will make a custom WordPress image search.  That would be fun hey?

I have been noticing how many new RSS subscribers HackNmod

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