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iPhone OS 3.0 Coming Soon!

iPhone OS 3.0 will be here real soon, let’s hope the new operating system will have additional support for CDMA/EDVO.

We just got the announcement, iPhone OS 3.0 is coming. Set your clocks, mark your calendars. It’s going down March 17th. Apparently, we’ll get a sneak peak at the new OS, as well as a look at a brand new version of the SDK.

via engadget

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DIY iPhone HACK – Jailbreak that iPhone!

Yey, although there has been numerous Jailbreak HOWTOs for the iPhone since the birth of the “Safari-browsing” device, LifeHacker shows you a clear and easy method to jailbreak that iPhone. (Jailbreak is btw a aftermarket firmware/software for your iPhone. jic)

The screenshot app does work; I’m not entirely certain on this point, but I think it required the reinstallation of the BSD Subsystem. Your mileage may vary. That said, I think

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