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Recommended Sculptures

Chewing Gum Bear and Sculptures!

Lol, here’s a bear sculpture all made from chewing gum, now I’d like to order one for myself please so I can keep snatching off some chewing gum while I blog.

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DIY Robot Sculpture Made from Old Typewriters!

Check out these cool DIY robot

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22-Foot Tall Giant Robot made out of Styrofoam!

Yes, perhaps making robot sculptures out of styrofoam may have some merits such as in 3D-movie making but you do get to pass a lot of time in a hurry.

Michael Salter is something of a pack rat. Instead of letting all that clutter go to waste as some might, however, he puts it to good use — or into making robot sculptures.

You may remember these adorable Styrobots from a little while ago. His new creation is a little bigger; it stands over 22 feet high and needs a wooden, skeletal armature to keep it standing as well as moving vans to trans

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Dragonfly and Clayfish Sculptures Made Using Shopping Carts!

Here’s a great way to recycle those old shopping carts into works of arts.

A British artist named Ptolemy Elrington, creates jaw dropping scultures and art from recycled items found in kitchen pantries such as utensils, juicers, mixers, and toasters.

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Technological Breakthrough Sculptures

Check out some of these really cool Terminator-like technological breakthrough sculptures. Although none of them are really functional, it’s a really great artwork… (I’d want one in my livingroom…) Actually, the bug robots seem like they can do stuff…

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