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MagnoGrip Wristband Keeps Your Screws/Bolts At Bay!

Here’s a magnetic wristband called MagnoGrip that will keep your parts from disappearing on you.  I know this could be invaluable for many things including working on your hot rod while under the car.

What a great idea, why didn’t I think of this?

Price: $10.99 on Amazon

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iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Tripod Mount!

Are you trying to mount your iPhone to a tripod such as a gorillapod?

Well, there’s a great detailed DIY guide on how to make an iPhone tripod mount here.

I first started out with plastic from  iphone box. I trimmed excess from edge to make it look more attractive doesn’t have to be done. Next , I lined up the Rubber case to find where I would need to place holes for the camera and the screws. I found that the case doesn’t find in straight in needs little bit of an angle to work, it depen

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Wine Bottle Screws!

For those of you looking for simple wine cork alternatives for your favorite wine bottle, these cool “wine bottle screws” might be perfect for keeping your red liquid secure for another week. – link

If you are a fan of whimsical and quirky items then give the Bottle Screws by Luckies a look. Available from here, the bottle screws fit snugly and securely into any open wine bottle preserving the precious liquid within and are made of f soft silicone.

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WiFi DIY – How to Make a WiFi Radio!

Trust me, I am an avid WinAmp addict who listens to internet radio constantly.  Here’s a great DIY on how to make your own WiFi radio! The most awesome project I have seen this year so far.

The back panel is made of fiberboard from Home Depot. The Wi-Fi antenna is shown on the left. The LAN ports and buttons of the router are accessible through cutouts in the back panel. A 6-pin mini-DIN power jack that matches the power supply I’m using and the power switch are shown on the r

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DIY Soda Can Robot “Robug” Kits for your Kids!

Rather than buying your kids something from ToysRUs, you might want to consider getting him/her one of these cool soda can robug kits that can transfrom any soda can into a soda can “robug”.

Explore the world of robotic science with the Soda Can Robug science kit from Green Science. Kids age 8 and up can recycle a soda can and turn it into a working robotic bug. Kids will be delighted to see

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Auto DIY – How to Replace Air Filter and Spark Plugs on a Chevy Trailblazer!

Well, I had the pleasure of replacing the air filter and spark plugs on my Chevy Trailblazer yesterday.  Let me tell you how I did it for those of you who don’t know.

First of all, the air filter is pretty easy, just take the 3 screws out on box on the left inside the hood.  If you take the left box out, you will see your air filter.

Take the air filter out and don’t replace it yet if you are going to replace the spark plugs too.

For spark plugs, you will need to take off the center box piece by wrenching out 2 bolts and unscrewing the air intake piping an

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Acrylic DIY – How to Make Perfect Boxes/Things with Acrylic!

I used to make bunch of sub-woofer boxes out of acrylic and have to say, drilling is the hardest part for the screws.  But there’s a better way to do this using laser cutters and whatnot, read on to find out.

It is a technique we call Interlocking T-Bolt Construction. It consists of a T-cutout in one piece of acrylic (or any 3 mm stock) and a receptacle in another piece. These pieces can then be bolted together making a very secure 90 degree joint. A deceptively simple technique that has unlimited possibilities.

All that is required i

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Kindle 2 Dissected!

Anything that is new, especially Amazon’s new Kindle 2, is bound to get dissected.  I don’t know why it took so long but here’s Kindle 2 dissected from guys at ifixit.com.

    According to the article, the Kindle 2 has a 532MHz 90nm ARM11-based Freescale MCIMX31L CPU, compared with the 412MHz ARM1176JZ-S of the iPhone 3G. When they completely disconnected the screen from the battery, the content on the screen remained crystal clear even though there was no power to

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Ultrasonic Parking Alert Sensor!

You know how many people cannot drive or park their car these days and if your car doesn’t have one of those parking sensors or cameras to help you, you can get this awesome Ultrasonic Parking Alert Sensor from Amazon for only $15.99.

Whether you drive straight in or back into your garage, it can be tough to judge if you’ve stopped in the right spot. The Parking Alert guides you with flashing lights as you pull into your garage so you can be sure you stop at the desired place! No more tennis balls h

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Budget Auto DIY Hack – How to Spray Paint Your Rims!

One of my friends is starting a plumbing business in San Francisco.  Well, he happens to be a crazy Z-addict and recently, he spray painted his rims he got off a Mercedes Benz.  The above picture is actually after the Nissan Z has been driven awhile(ignore the dirt, it looks good in real life), but it’s a good thing I took some pictures of the process so you can spray paint your rims. (the right way of course)

1) Anyways, first you will need some rims like below: (Take out any screws or bolts if yo

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