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Neda Agha Soltani Video

Wow, I have been hearing news about Neda, this 27 year old girl who got shot and killed in Iran for protesting.  I think there’s got to be someone who’s going to have to step up and end this merciless bs by the Iranian government.

This isn’t a political war any more, it’s about human rights. You don’t kill a girl for protesting peacefully, no matter what she’s protesting about, especially if she has no weapons to fight back.

I know this is a tech blog but at times like this I wish I can grab a bazooka and blow the face of whoever is the cau

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IKEA Hack – How to Make an LCD Monitor Stand!



Having a good furniture is part of the answer to working more efficiently.  Guys over at Ikea hacker have figured out that you can make an LCD monitor stand easily by using some TV shelf and doorstopper parts from IKEA.

It took about 10 minutes to measure and then screw in the 4 door stoppers! Super easy and cheap project!

via ik

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WaterCone DIY – How to Make A Solar Powered Water Purifier!


Check out this low-cost, highly-efficient, solar-powered water purifier called WaterCone!  Make your own for your next outing in the desert, mountains, whereever.

You pour the bad water into a black pan, and then you screw on a cone. The black pan absorbs sunlight and heats up the water. Then, the evaporated water condensates into droplets on the cone’s inner wall, and the droplets drop into a circular trough at the inner case of the cone.

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Home DIY – How to Make a Wall Lamp!

Here’s a really cool DIY wall lamp you can make, go knock yourself OUT!

No need to go to the neighborhood IKEA store to get your hands on a cheap lamp. Build your own decorated wall lamp since its fun and cheap.

step 1 Electricity – materials and instructions You can actually use a ready made lamp and skip this part.

Materials 1. Electrical cord + plug + switch 2. Contact mount 3. Swivel 4. Master socket 5. Nipple 6. Washer 7. Dual socket 8. Wall mount

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Ikea Hack – How to Make a Bike Rack (or Pole)

Most of us think that bike racks mostly consist of a garage hanger and you’d hang your bike on the ceiling.

But, here’s a really innovative IKEA hack that uses IKEA parts to make a Bike Rack Pole that wills stand vertically while letting you keep 2-3 bikes.

he says, “there are a lot bicycle storage/rack-systems on the market, but none of them met my expectations in function/style and price. i wanted to get 2 bikes on a wall in my apartment.

all you need to get from ikea is one

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DIY – How to Make Steampunk Gold and Silver Waterproof Flashlight!

DIY - How to Make Steampunk Gold and Silver Waterproof Flashlight!

Here’s a really cool DIY on how to make your own Steampunk Gold and Silver Waterproof flashlight.  Of course, this will complement your pool very well in the dark.

For this project, you need: @ Gold, Chrome (silver), copper, and gold (brass) paint, clear coat/paint for finishing @ One large 6v flashlight (mine is also waterproof) @ Paper fasteners, Sharpie/permanent marker, hole punch, ruler, scissors @ Hotglue, epoxy @ Assorted gears, Small tube, Nut that fits on the tube, Three-

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EcoJohn – Eco Toilet Incinerates your Poop!

This has to be the coolest eco-frienldy device for taking a dump.  It’s an Eco Toilet that works by incinerating your poop to white powder.  Even better, the incinerated poop can be used for adding nutrition to your plants.

With the Eco Toilet in the works, we will no longer need long septic pipes to our houses, just one little toilet that does the job for you.

Of course, I have not tested this unit.  The only thing I am afraid of is the fact that it’s going to smell somewhat like burnt po

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Let your frustration out with the Breakable Golf Club!

A lot golfers who can control their anger usually do so by breaking their golf club over their knees.  Now, here’s a Breakable Golf Club you can break without actually damaging your real clubs. (Why am I excited that Greg Norman is going to win tomorrow?)

The Breakable Golf Club comes with five breakable inserts that screw between the handle and the head. Each insert has a predetermined “Fracture Zone” that’s guaranteed to break cleanly up the middle.

via gol

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OLPC has joined Microsoft XP!

OLPC has just announced that they will be using Microsoft XP operating system on their $100 laptops. This is ridiculous and does go completely against their original core values.

They have lost faith from me at least, teaming up with Microsoft is the worst decision they could make, especially if their core values were about not using proprietary monopolized technology.

Their excuse is that they are not selling enough units and some countries are requiring Windows platform.

Screw them, focus on your core value.

What is

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