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Oscilloscope Hack – How to Convert your Oscilloscope into a Linux Terminal Screen!

Here’s a rather amusing hack where the author turns his oscilloscope into a linux terminal screen through serial connection.  Not only can you connect linux devices, you can essentially connect anything that uses serial communications.  That means you can now use oscilloscopes for displays on Arduino projects and much more.   Of course, this is sorta overdoin’ but we still like it.

The Terminalscope is a full, bidirectional serial terminal that uses a PS/2 keyboard for input and displays 54×24-character output on an oscilloscope or XY display. It can be c

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Swiss Gear 10×10 Dome Canopy with Screen!

Here’s a rather cool device for all of you who need a shade and some protection from nasty insects. (if you live in a humid country)

The Swiss Gear 10×10 Dome Canopy with screen is perfect for setting up on your backyard porch/deck, keeping all those bugs away while the screen lets in fresh air you need.

Here’s a review by a customer:

Year after year ordering tent after tent. Finally, this one is fabulous! Easy to put up, sturdy, well m

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Dell Mini 10 Adds a 720P Option of 1,366×768 Pixel Resolution!

Here’s some good news for those of you who haven’t yet bought a netbook, Dell will be offering a higher HD 720P resolution of 1366×768 pixels for those of you who are proficient at reading small characters and love HD movies on the go.

Yes sirey, this is the highest resolution for a 10″ netbook yet.  I am sure most other netbook manufacturers will catch on the drift soon.

With average battery power of 4-6 hours on most netbooks these days, it’s a great option for consumers to go with a netbook, instead of buying

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