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Golf DIY – How to Become a Better Golfer!

Well, since I am a scratch golfer, I have been giving out bunch of free instructions/tips on how to become a better golfer, here’s my latest tips on various different aspects of golf:

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SensoGlove may Help you become a Scratch Golfer!

Here’s a cool grip-pressure monitoring gadget that will definitely help anyone to swing the club better through monitoring grip pressure.

One of the biggest challeges in golf is that you need to keep your grip pressure at about the same level during the course of your whole swing.  Now, I can do that simply through training and light hands but if you need more help, the

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Fully Autonomous Golf Carts!

Well, I am a scratch golfer and do not like to use any golf carts since I am old-school, but here’s an autonomous golf cart that’s better than the existing electric carts on the market.

Yet another job for pimply 16-year-olds has been rendered obsolete with technology, now that golfers can use the Shadow Caddy—a fully autonomous golf club carrying cart that tr

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