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MacBook Hack – How to Make MacBook Run Faster!

Well, the Ken Mingis over at ComputerWorld has figured out how to make a Macbook run faster, simply by swapping out the harddrive with an SSD, read more there.

As I’m wont to do whenever I get a new computer, I ran a quick Xbench benchmarking test. The results were about what I had expected — in a good way. The faster SSD yielded an Xbench score for the MacBook of 144. That’s on par with the SSD-based MacBook Air I had parted ways with. (The Air had a score of 141.) And both w

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NBA Basketball 10-inch LCD TV!

If you are crazy about basketball, you might want to get one of these NBA Basketball 10″ LCD TVs to show off your spirit for the game.

Because the best place for a basketball is inside the net, here’s a TV that celebrates making the basket. The outside ring is real metal, just like the hoop where you play your game. Inside the hoop, the ball looks and feels like the real thing. NBA logos grace the front and back. What a score.

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Do you have computer addiction?

Do you have computer addiction? I know I do. It takes me hours just to get off the PC not to mention how many times people yell at me to get off during that time…

Check out the 12 signs you have a computer addiction over at random-good-stuff. There’s also a website dedicated to computer addiction services… You can also get some help from

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