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Credit Card DIY – How to Cut Up a Credit Card!

Here’s the “right way” to cut up your credit card in 15 different slices.  I like to actually cut it up and throw the “halves”, one in the garbage and the other somewhere else.

Either way, you need to cut those credit cards up so you can be protected from over-using(abusing) them in these recession times.

To [scramble] the data in the magnetic stripe, run a very strong magnet along the stripe on the back of the card. Apply scissors or a hammer to the chip embedded in the card…


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Kitchen DIY – How to Turn Your Kitchen Utensils into a Giant Swiss Knife!

LMAO, here’s an awesome kitchen Swiss Army Cutlery Holder that will turn your kitchen utensils into a nice-lookin’, giant swiss knife! – Awesome!

The Swissarmius does both. Based on the Victorinox classic, the Swissarmius is a kitchen utensil holder which presents tools as if they were folded from a pocket knife. The four sections not only keep things arranged in a more Swiss-army like fashion, they spread things out so when you grab, say, the tongs, you don’t drag out the scissors and the knives alon

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Shoe Hack – How to Turn your Old Work Boots/Dress Shoes into Slippers!

I own a bunch of old dress shoes that I want to throw away but I do have a lot of attached memories such as my first boots at my first job after college.  Well, the answer is clear and you don’t have to throw them away!

Cut the back and use them as in-home “luxury” slippers.  What a great idea, I am gonna do this today, you should too and send me pics of your new slippers to zedomax [at] gmail dot com.

step 1 materials 1.Old boots 2.Strong scissors or sharp knife 3.Glue

step 2 cutting the top of Remove the laces.(o

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Food Hack – How to Make Homemade Marshmallows!

For those of you who are “cook”-inclined like me, you will have to try out this new homemade marshmallow recipe and put some real fresh soft spots in your mouth.

Pour the boiling syrup into soaked gelatin and turn on the mixer, using the whisk attachment, to high speed. Add the salt and beat for 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, add in the vanilla extract beat to incorporate.

Scrape marshmallow into the prepared pan and spread evenly (Lightly gre

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Re-use DIY – How to Make a Cut-Out T-Shirt!

Here’s a great way to turn your monotonous T-shirt into a very fashionable cut-out T-shirt using simple tools such as scissors and some planning.

This might be helpful those of you who are struggling in these hard U.S. economic times but still need a new shirt without buying one.

Ever since seeing Zana’s cutout skull sweater by Pleasure Principle, I’ve had a major crush on the label. From their fantastically simple split knee jeans to their knot dress, their designs are extremely covetable. Anyway, to the point of this article (whi

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DIY – How to Make Steampunk Gold and Silver Waterproof Flashlight!

DIY - How to Make Steampunk Gold and Silver Waterproof Flashlight!

Here’s a really cool DIY on how to make your own Steampunk Gold and Silver Waterproof flashlight.  Of course, this will complement your pool very well in the dark.

For this project, you need: @ Gold, Chrome (silver), copper, and gold (brass) paint, clear coat/paint for finishing @ One large 6v flashlight (mine is also waterproof) @ Paper fasteners, Sharpie/permanent marker, hole punch, ruler, scissors @ Hotglue, epoxy @ Assorted gears, Small tube, Nut that fits on the tube, Three-

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DIY – How to Make a Cool Table with Old Magazines!

Recently, I have been actually looking for a table to buy a table for a small spot that needs one.  With this DIY, I will be able to make a new small table with some of my old magazines I’d throw away eventually anyways.

I like the concept, of re-using magazines for DIY furnitue design.  The most amazing part is that it requires very little hardware.

If there’s anything we have too many of in our apartment, it’s magazines and plants. So we solved the problem by re-purposing six magazines (and that’s all you needR

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Topsy Turvy Hanging Tomato Grower!

With our society calling out for more organic stuff, with some people even operating a home-farm, the Topsy Turvy hanging tomato grower lets you grow fresh, organic tomatoes in your apartment/house without taking up much space.

At $19.95, I’d get a bunch of these and start growing some fresh tomatoes for my ultimate spaghetti dish.

When the Topsy Turvy™ planter is used, the tomato plant is planted in a planter that is suspended in the air, instead of in the ground. B

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DIY – How to Make an Underwater Microphone (Hydrophone)!

The fish says, “nice work bud, now I can start vlogging about my life in the fish tank!”

Construct a inexpensive hydrophone out of things laying around your house.

I decided to put up this instructable because (to my surprise) no one has a hydrophone instructable up yet. I made mine using a mixture of other people’s hydrophone creations that I found through a google search and a bit of ingenuity.

Here’s the parts that I used but it should be fairly easy to adapt whatever similar items that you can find.

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