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Microfiber fabric = electricity ???

Wow, check out this Yahoo news that microfiber fabric might produce electricity. We might just be able to start generating electricity everytime we move a finger!

CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. scientists have developed a microfiber fabric that generates its own electricity, making enough current to recharge a cell phone or ensure that a small MP3 music player never runs out of power.

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Scientists have figured out how to make you invisible!

Cool, scientists have figured out how to make you invisible!

Physicists figured out the complex mathematical equations for making objects invisible by bending light around them last year.

A group of engineers at Purdue University in Indiana have now used those calculations to design a relatively simple device that ought to be able to—one day soon—make objects as big as an airplane simply disappear.

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Platinum-coated virus to be used for speedy memory

Wow, memory made from virus living in cigarettes?

All the hip-cool scientists these days are enslaving living organisms to do their bidding. Luckily, they’re sticking with the micro end of the size spectrum, or “nano” end in this case. Apparently they’ve managed to create some supa’ fast memory chips by coating 30-nanometer-long bits of tobacco mosaic virus (pictured above in its natural habitat) with itsy-bitsy platinum nanopartic

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