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DIY HACK – Remote Controlled Steam Beetle


Check out this cool RC controlled steam beetle.

The first issue with the weight started in the wheels and tires. I replaced the stock tires and wheels to 2.2, but immediately encountered flat tires, especially when crawling. The stock foam can not support the weight, and the tires basically were always compressed, with the rim of the wheels grounded. This also made it impossible to tur

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Solar Lawnmower and Mopbot

Okay, I’ve finally been able to stay away from the computer thanks to my girlfriend. But we are back for some more hacks and DIYs.

Check out these cool solar lawnmower robots and mop robot if you don’t want to spend $200 on a Roomba. You could probably make these inventions a little bit smart by adding a programmable controllers such as CUBLOC or

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Post-It Pixel Wall

This looks much better than the Post-It Wall Bedroom. It’s actually a great way of decorating your bedroom or any other room while giving it some kind of cool “pixel” look.

The greatest part is that you can always re-post-it your wall whenever you feel a need for change in style.


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Remote Controlled Golf Ball

Check out this cool remote controlled golf ball you can get to control the way the ball spins! I might need this for playing for some money on the course…

“The ball has a little spinning gyro in it, and when you activate it from the remote it spins off in random directions. The acceleration varies depending on the ground, and due to its small size it obviously works best on smoother surfaces such as green and te

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DIY HACK – How to make a SPAM Pinhole camera

Check out this Spam Pinhole camera. Yes, it’s indeed a hidden camera. At first I thought it was just a Spam opening device…

Although, if you’re up to the challenge, I’ve listed below the steps I took to create my first SPAMera. Since it’s conception, I’ve noticed other people making their own versions and I think that’s great. So if someone out there has an idea how to make the SPAMera better, please do email me how you did it

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Wii HACK – Wii Controller LED Mod

Here’s some more cool LED mods for your wii controller.

Here is a simple way to jazz up your Wii classic controller with some LEDs.

“Classic Controller LED mod this mod is for puting led under the sticks

What you’ll need: one classic Controller A Triwing Screwdriver wire snippers or scissors two 3mm L

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HACK Project – 3D LED Hourglass!


I’d probably stick with a traditional hourglass or my nike watch but this LED project is cool.

The LEDs are arranged in a circular conical fashion, to mimic the glass parts of a traditional hourglass, giving a 3-Dimensional appearance to the electronic hourglass. The system is equipped with a Z-axis accelerometer that detec

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DIY HACK – How to build a raft with Gatorade plastic bottles!

Check out these guys who made a raft with gatorade plastic bottles then WENT sailin’~ Great job guys, you guys are making the world a better place to live by promoting re-use of those plastic bottles that get trashed everywhere.  Now, maybe they can go another level and make a ocean fleet just with plastic bottles.

via funnypotato

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Nixie Tube Counter taken apart

Check out the insides of a Nixie Tube counter, cool…

From the 1950’s until about 1970, nixies were a dominant display technology. “NIXIE” is actually a brand name for display tubes made by Burroughs, and the proper generic name might be “cold cathode neon readout tube.” However, as with facial tissue, a single short word involving the letter ‘X’ had

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Wireless HACK – How to make your own wireless detecting vibrator!


Wow, check out this guy who hacked a wireless detector to vibrate whenever he was near wireless networks.

This project is for a small electronic unit that allows the user to sense the presence and relative signal strength of wireless hotspots. It can be worn as a pendant or carried in a pocket. It is “always on” and communicates the presence and signal strength of an in-range hotspot by way of sequences of pulses – like a heartbeat you can feel. The stronger and faster the “heartbeat”, the stronger the w

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