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How To Put Out A Candle Without Blowing It


Here’s a cool little science experiment to put out some fire.

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Da Bomb TV – Videos that are Da Bomb!

Well, I know we have been posting bunch of videos, but yes, we were hibernating so we can make a new cool video website!  :p  Anyways, you can check it out since we are just gettin’ started! Okay, here’s a cool video site that you can check out that we, me and Kenji made yesterday for fun! It’s basically a bunch of videos that are Da Bomb!

If you have some cool videos, make sure to submit them to Da

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Video DIY – Use Lemons as Batteries

Here’s a cool video of using lemons to power an LED! (which is about 1.8 to 3V!)

Now, how many Lemons do we need to power a 60 watt light bulb?

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Cool science video – Sulfur Hexafluoride Experiment: Floating Ship

[gv data=”1PJTq2xQiQ0″][/gv]

Wow, check out this sulfur hexafluoride which is denser than air lift up a metal thingee!

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DIY HACK – Oscilloscope using PIC

Here’s a cool DIY oscilloscope using a PIC12F675 kinda similar to the Atmega Atmel Oscilloscope.

This is a simple PC voltage oscilloscope using only a PIC12F675, a 20MHz oscillator, and a RS232 level shifter. The PIC takes a sample on GP2, immediately sends it to the PC at 115,200 baud using an software asynchronous serial routine, and repeats. It sends a 8-bit val

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DIY – LED lighting Guide

Here’s a cool LED HOWTO guide including how to power LEDs using DC or AC.

LED lights are extremely efficient compared to standard incandescent lighting. No other lighting source outputs as many lumens per watt. They are particularly efficient at pro

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DIY – Fluorescent Bulb 11x 14 Backlit Frame

Here’s a nice fluorescent bulb backlit frame you can make so that your firewood picture seems to come to life! Thanks Michael!

Do-It-Yourself projects for low-cost, cool, illuminated photo and picture displays using easily available materials. All projects include detailed How-To’s, illustrations, and readimade versions for purchase.

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DIY – Kid’s science experiment


Here’s a cool science project for anyone including your kids.

Great science / magic trick to amaze your friends. 1. Water 2. Pepper 3. Soap / Dishwashing liquid

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DIY – Voice recognition system by students from Cornell

Here’s a cool DIY voice recognition system by computer engineering students at Cornell University. Nice job, keep up the good work!

When we think of programmable speech recognition, we think of calling FedEx customer service call center with automated voice recognition response systems. We also think of PC-based speech recognition Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now we took that a step further. We are talking about speech recognition in a tiny M

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How To Make A Simple Matchstick Rocket



Quick and easy way to make a matchstick rocket using a match and foil. These rockets can travel as far at 20 feet.

How To Make A Simple Matchstick Rocket – video powered by Metacafe

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