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Documents DIY – How to Convert Your Scanned Documents for FREE using OCR!

Most scanners comes with an OCR(Optical Character Recognition) software that will convert your scanned documents into text.  Of course, if you happened to scan a document somewhere sometime but wanted to quickly convert it to digitized text, you might want to learn that there’s a FREE OCR conversion site called Free-OCR.com.

In a test conducted by Lifehacker, this OCR was just as effective as a commercial OCR software:

The rate of errors and quirks in the conversion wasn’t much h

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Tax DIY – How to Digitize and Simplify Your Taxes and Receipts!

I have to admit to being busy last whole week due to the fact that I have been doing my taxes.

This year, I did things a little different.  Since the IRS now lets you have digital copies of all your receipts, I decided it’s finally time to throw away all my files and receipts.

So, I “scanned” every one of my receipts and related-tax documents into JPEG image files, PDFs, and Word documents.


Well, think of it this way, how would you like to show IRS all your receipts and tax history on your Blackberry or

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DIY 3D Scanner made from Regular Flatbed Scanner!


Here’s a video of a DIY 3D scanner made from regular flatbed scanner.  It can only scan cylindrical objects but sure hell beats any over-priced 3D scanners.

“I modified a Dell scanner in such a way that it can used to scan cylindrical objects such as a soda can or, in this case, an energy drink can.”

via hackedgadgets

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Microsoft Devising Evil Plans to Take Over the Retail World!

Microsoft announced that they will be planning new retail stores to outwit Apple.

Wow… I truly think this won’t help their products since most PCs are already monopolized by Microsoft but then, if they want to waste more money on marketing, especially when retail is doing bad, by all means go ahead.  They truly must have billions of dollars to throw down the toilet. :p

Mr. Porter, who is set to start work on Tuesday, is charged with improving the PC-buying experience. The company said

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DIY Green/Red Laser Projector!


Wow, check out this green/red laser projector which can do animations.

This is one of my experimental Dance/Trance songs from 2000. I build laser systems for fun so I have put together pictures and clips from assembly to a full working system to go with the song. I know the song gets really annoying after awhile sorry. Iv’e been getting a lot of email asking how the projector works and what parts are in it. Here’s ho

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