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New Years 2009 Resolution – Use Greener Gadgets!

Well, for the year 2009, one of my new years resolution is to use greener gadgets or in other words, stuff that can make our earth better.

Here’s a list of greener gadgets you might want to consider for the next year:

For personal use:

Have an iPhone?  Don’t forget to get one of these solar iPhone chargers that doubles as protection too.

I am sure you’ve probably seen this Sol

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Eco-Friendly Wind Powered Toy Car!

There’s has been no better time than today to learn about saving energy with the eco-friendly wind powered toy car.  We suggest you to get one for your child for the best learning experience.  Actually, I might get one myself it’s so cool…

(Picture of the race car charging)

Video of the wind-powered car in action:


This new educational kit lets you explore the mechanisms involved in harnessing t

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CFL Bulb 2.0

With CFL bulbs radically saving energy these days, there’s another feature about the CFL bulbs that will make bulb designers go crazy with funky bulbs like the one pictured above.

via gizmodo, feber

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