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Save Earth Idea – Recycling Arcade Game!

Call me a gambler but I think the world would have much more incentive to recycle if we had more of these recycling arcade games in every block of every city in the world.

Even better, I’d say legalize gambling legal just for these recycling arcade games except that you can only use recyclable bottles and cans as money.  (but win money if you hit jackpot)

I think it’s a safe bet since most casinos do take the money, I don’t see how the government could lose.

Of course

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DIY – How to make your own parts organizer out of plastic bottles!

Check out this really cool parts organizer you can make using plastic bottles and save the earth at the same time!

If you’re like me, you have a ton of PCBs laying around from things you’ve taken apart. Put them to good use and salvage the components from them.

via MakeZine

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Solar Hot Water Heater for your home

Check out this site for information on installation and the works behind solar hot water heaters that might actually save you big bucks and save the earth at the same time.

Some of the key benifits:

    Eliminate 80 to 95% of your water heating bill. Constantly increase savings in a non-taxable income. Your home’s equity value increases with your investment. Income generator that keeps producing a positive non-taxable cash flow to you. Uses non-polluting free so

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Windhunter Maritime Hydrogen Generation System

Check out these cool energy generators with minimal impact on our planet earth!

Hydrogen can be produced by wind turbines and electrolysers on the proposed WINDHUNTER vessels. These ocean going ships will operate out of sight of land either anchored or free floating while facing into the wind and the oncoming waves. Millions of them can operate on the world’s oceans with minimal environmental impact.


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Energy saving Billboard LEDS powered by a bike!

Here’s some good effort to saving earth’s energy and good advertisement for the company mentioned in the billboard ad.

Last week in downtown Vancouver the billboard you see above was exlusively powered by volunteers pedaling a single bicycle over a span of about 5 days. The advertisement was sponsored by DDB/Vancouver and BC Hydro (hydro is a Canadian term for power or electricity) to show off how energy-efficient LED Christmas lights are. While the reindeer used on the billboard was lit with

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