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Satellite Dish Hack – How to Hack a Satellite Dish to Build a Long Range WiFi Antenna!

For those of you who need to setup your own long-range WiFi antenna, did you know you can recycle an old satellite dish into a long-range wifi antenna?   This could be great for setting up your own private WiFi network over open land and useful range could be up to 125 miles.

Besides that, you could probably even set it up to pick up some free WiFi around your neighborhood for sheezy.

Indeed, you can even use it to extend the range

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Garden DIY – How to Make a Bird House with Satellite Dish!

I have seen plenty old satellite dishes just waiting to get dumped, here’s a great way to re-use the dish for your neighbor birds as a bird house.

Have you ever wondered how many unused satellite dishes are floating around aimlessly out there? After being disconnected, they seem to have no apparent function other than occupying valuable storage space and being mostly ugly? The object of this exercise is to offer a simple way to make an environmentally friendly use of one of the thousands of satellite dishes that have found their way into the landfills, attics and garages of tho

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Sqish – Camouflage Satellite Dish!

Here’s a funny satellite dish that is in a rectangular shape.  I am not sure how effective it is compared to a regular ol’ satellite dish but it does look like a great substitute.

The Sqish is a quirky contemporary alternative to a satellite dish.

What does it do?

The Sqish can can be aimed at mid and high powered satellites including Astra, Hotbird and Eurobird. It can be used to receive Sky and Freesat in the UK.

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DIY HACK – How to make a Solar Cooker using an old satellite dish

Check out how you can build your own solar cooker using an old satellite dish!

The basic idea was to use a satellite dish and rivet sheet aluminum to it. This is because a satellite dish is already a paraboloid shape with a pretty exact focus. The sheet aluminum was to be cut into triangular pieces and then be drilled in 3-5 places for the rivets. They would conform to the shape of the paraboloid and not lessen the integrity of the focal point. We wanted the aluminum to be as

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