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Tim O’Reilly Supports Obama!

Tim O’Reilly is probably one of my Web 2.0 heroes who has an extensive history of writing books, creating HOWTO, DIY book publishing company, all while being officially banned from his own family due to cultural differences.

Anyways, Tim O’Reilly is officially supporting Obama due to the technical expertise Obama has over McCain.  I have to agree that we need a President 2.0, capable understanding Web 2.0 and other emerging technologies.

Here’s what

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Palin spends $150,000 on Fashion for Herself and Her Family!

Well, although I do believe you have to look your best, I don’t think spending $150,000 on fashion for a political campaign is right.  (unless of course, you are paying that with your own money)

Palin has been spending some outrageous $150,000 USD on fashion for herself and her family.  I do strongly believe candidate’s spending habits will also reflect on how they spend the national budget.

As such, I just don’t think Palin is capable of pulling this job of running America.   I am not being biased here, only stating the

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Weekly Wrapup of Eco-friendly and Green Posts!

It’s that time again, yes, it’s a Saturday and we are still working…AND it’s time for Weekly Wrapup of Eco-friendly and Green Posts from our Eco Blog!

Bill Gates invests in Bio-Fuel and we think that’s a great move by the billionaire

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