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Fridge Hack – How to Make a Chalk Fridge!

Here’s a cool way to transform your kitchen fridge into a big chalk board.  I highly like this idea except I’d like a whiteboard instead but still a good DIY to know.

So, how is a chalkboard fridge made? Very easily, in fact, as long as you have a bit of time to spare. You could finish the whole project, for instance, on a weekend if you started on Saturday night and spent most of Sunday intermittently painting the fridge.

You’ll need some coarse sand paper, masking tape, a small can of primer, and a bucket of chalkboard paint. My local hardware store only carri

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Re-Make DIY – How to Make a Coffee Cup Tissue Dispenser!

Here’s a fun way to re-use and let your disposable coffee cup live one more life by making a coffee cup tissue dispenser.  Great idea!

There’s a company out there called WeGo, that sells facial tissues in a take-away coffee cup. In the interest of DIY-ism, I bought one of these cups of 50 sand-paper-rough tissues for 3 bucks so I could pop off the top, rip the guts out and figure out how to make them. Here’s my easy, no-cost version.

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Skateboard Staircase is way cooler than Floating Staircase!

Here’s a great idea for making cool staircase, a Skateboard Staircase made with bunch of empty skateboard decks, much more practical than floating staircase.  Now, if they put some sand paper, it will make the stairs itself very secure to walk on.

One day if I get my own house, I am making every staircase with skateboard decks for sheezy.

This is a set of steps I made for our skateboard school. The alum

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