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Web2.0 Expo 2008 – SpringNote – Wiki-based Online Notes

HeeKyong Yoon from SpringNote.com, was nice enough to chat with me on their cool “wiki” product, SpringNote:


FYI, SpringNote.com is a subsidiary of NcSoft.com, the creators of legendary online game, Lineage.

Well, I tried out SpringNote, here’s a screenshot:

It’s very simpl

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Zedomax is 1 years OLD!!!

Hey! We are 1 years old now! (Well, yesterday was the birthdate, August 14th but I got too drunk with some MGDs and I had a hangover from the night before so don’t blame me) You see that little blip we had couple weeks ago? Yeah, our site was down and yes I was too drunk. (haha, I was just kiddin’, I just forgot to pay bills)

Anyway, we did reach more than 1 million unique visitors over 1 year so that is good…

Well, I am going to start drinking more and blogging more along with our good friend David from UK. I just mov

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Golf Ball Cake

The news is that someone is selling their house using Digg, but the best part is that this guys made a Titleist golf ball cake! As an avid golfer and user of Titleist golf clubs and balls, I had to post this… Thanks Jack for the tip! More cool cake

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Mini Cooper Billboard in San Francisco

You can see this Mini Cooper Billboard in San Francisco on your way towards Bay Bridge. I guess this is actually RFID enabled which is kinda cool. Yes, it’s a very effective way of advertising as I do read it about 75% of the time that I pass by this spot looking for changes in what the Mini Cooper is saying… (mostly kinda stupid… one time it was saying something like “Be small and Go faster” or something) But it is indeed very creative. I don’t know if it actually can identify Mini drivers but I will try to see if

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Kite Trike on the beach


I was on the beach walking my dog today and saw these two guys gettin’ crazy on couple kite trikes. It looks really exciting…

Basically you get on the trike and let the kite move you along the beach. Tight!

You can get one of these buggies and a kite and go crazy on the beach too. Send us some pictur

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Networking Time – Promote your blog at SF BETA Party at 111 Mina

Here’s an event for bloggers and people with innovative inventions or ideas around the San Francisco Bay Area. Goto this party and find some hot cute chicks who digg geeks like the ones above if you are a blogger and you want to promote your blog.

Sign up HERE!

via sfblogg

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RGB Wall Lights at a restaurant in SF



With all the RGB projects we’ve done and we’ve seen around these days, it was cool to see an RGB light in real world setting such as at a fusion restaurant in San Francisco. Anyways, I was way too curious what lay underneath the color changing walls and had to take some pictures before they stopped me. hehe….

These RGB lights for walls can be made from si

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Free wifi coming soon to San Francisco and Zedomax too


Garrett and Kenji have been telling me free wifi is coming to San Francisco pretty soon which isn’t new since the mayor promised this almost 2 years ago. Anyways, we are looking forward to the free internet since our pockets are becoming more empty every day. But i

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MAKE @ Macworld & Apple store THIS WEEK!


Check out Macworld and Apple Store this week in San Francisco! We might be there to exchange some of our DIY projects for something at the Make Store if that works…hehe…anyways, we will make sure to take some photos if we do go! Cool, they got some stuff about rss and podcasting so we might have to go since we are thinking about Zedomax technology video podcasts, which are on the way… yipee!

Cool, the Macworld show is at

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