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DIY – Drink and Party by making yourself a Bike Cooler!

Recently I’ve noticed a large number of people going through the beaches in San Francisco with backpacks and other junk on their bikes.  I think they were doing some kind of California coastal ride but here’s a great way to add a bike cooler to your bike in case do something similar.

An insulated bike cooler makes an excellent addition to a shopping or commuting bike. Or, I suppose, a drinkin’ & partyin’ bike.

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Free Wii in San Fran from Comcast

Free Wii may be in the works by the cable giant, Comcast, which will be held at major cities across the country including our very own San Francisco.

Comcast will be giving away free Wiis in a new special promotion, a current employee tell us. The offer is good for new Comcast double-play subscribers signing up July 28-August 17th in select markets. Our tipster confirmed the promo will be good in Miami, San Francisco, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, and some other markets too.

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Gas Saving Gadgets that could save you money!

Well with the recent price hike of gas prices to near $4.50 in San Francisco, this gas saving gadget might save you money if you are driving like a maniac.

Now this new device

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DIY – How to Make Biodiesel!

With the crazy fluctuation in gas prices, especially here in San Francisco, you can cut down on additional carbon footprint through biodiesel and here’s how to make your own biodiesel at home!

This is my tutorial for using my appleseed processor to make biodiesel. This tutorial will get you through the process of making biodiesel, but not the necessary washing process. I will do my next instructable on dry-washing biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a great way to go gr

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Drivemocion brings you the Middle Finger at your fingertips!

Although I hate to do it, I must admit I do flip off many drivers as some drivers in San Francisco just need to be flipped off.  (Hey, you can’t help it if you live in a metropolitan area.  It’s not my fault that the person driving in front of me almost killed me and drove me off the road by cutting me off!)

Now this Drivemocion can let you do that without even sticking your fingers outside.

The good part is that you can also do othe

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StatoilHydro is building world’s first Floating Wind Turbine!

StatoilHydro is set to launch a full scale floating wind turbine that will open up a ocean-size opportunity of generating energy through wind.

A 2.3Mw wind turbine is attached to a Spar-buoy, similar to offshore loading buoys used in offshore gas mining.

The blades on the floating wind turbines will have diameter of 80 meters, rise 65 meters above sea surface, and also the floatation element will be 100 meters below the sea level anchored by 3 diffe

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DIY How to Make Cherry Blossom LED Tree Lights!

Here’s a simple DIY on how to make your own cherry blossom tree lights.  Simple idea, well executed!

These were inspired by branch lights i had seen at a store here in san francisco, but they were quite expensive and plastic and of course i thought “i could make that!”

via oneredstring

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Did I hear/see the Alley House???

Holy crap, check out this house. It’s 5 story house with each story about 8 feet wide. I would feel claustrophobic living in this house. Neverthless, it’s a beautiful, creative design great for metropolitan cities like San Francisco or New York.

Four wooden floors between two existing walls, hanging in a steel skeleton, organize this house: downstairs for work, dining on 1st, relaxing on 2nd, sleeping on 3rd, and on the roof, go and enjoy the view.

The border to the outside is only glass. Transparency not only a necessity, bu

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Passenger “moons” Speeding Camera

Over at UK, a passenger of the car “moons” speeding camera.  Although this incident didn’t occur in any driving suspension as the car driver did not break any laws, it’s a good sign that people in general don’t like speeding cameras.

I propose to remove them for good as they really serve no purpose but make more money for the government.

I’ve actually gone through so many times when I tried to do emergency brakes while trying to avoid being catched on speeding camera. (when I could have leisurely gone through a yellow light)

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Web 2.0 Expo 2008 – Jeffrey Walker on Enterprise Wikis!


Jeffrey Walker, President of Atlassian.com, explains the benefits and some bullet-points about running Enterprise Wikis over at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

Atlassian, is btw, a company that specializes in Enterprise Wikis built for organizing large companies.

What is interesting to me is that these “wikis” have been replacing e-mails, documents, and all sorts of other technology of large comp

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