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Samsung Vibrant gets DivX HD Certified!

Yup, Samsung Vibrant and all Galaxy S Android smartphones get DivX HD certified.  DivX certification isn’t easy to get and this is certainly a wow-factor that goes for all the Galaxy-S branded smartphones.

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — DivX, Inc. (Nasdaq: DIVX), a leading digital media company, and Samsung Electronics Co. LTD, a leading mobile provider, today announced that the Galaxy S™ is now DivX Certified® for HD video playback at 720p resolution. The Galaxy S is the world’s first Android™ mobile phone that is DivX Certified for HD and the second ove

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Samsung Vibrant for a Penny on Amazon! [DealMax]

Not sure if this will last more than a couple days or even hours but Amazon has put up Samsung Vibrant Android Smartphone for sale at just one penny, YES ONE PENNY!

In my opinion, this is the deal of the century or at least this year.  Samsung Vibrant is a really nice phone, I am lovin’ mine.

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Samsung Vibrant TV Mirroring Demo!

One of the advantages of Samsung Vibrant over Droid X, HTC Evo 4G, and iPhone 4 is that it can “mirror” your whole screen to your HDTV.

And all of this requires just a 3.5mm to RCA cable.

Anyways, I am glad that I can now surf the web on my HDTV and fly on Google Earth among other things.

You can get the Samsung Vibrant TV cable here.

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Samsung Vibrant Accessories!

For those of you who just got your new Samsung Vibrant like me, here’s a list of “essential” Samsung Vibrant accessories based on my personal experience:

    Samsung Vibrant USB Cable – Samsung Vibrant uses micro USB cable for charging and syncing to your computer, if you don’t have any extra micro USB cables, I highly suggest to pick up extra 2 or 3 by ordering them on Amazon.  If you don’t and you lose it one day, you will end up spending 5 ti

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Samsung Vibrant SALE = now only $99.99 on Amazon!

For those of you on T-Mobile and have been waiting to upgrade your phone, you might want to just try the Samsung Vibrant as it’s now only $99.99 on Amazon! (with 2 year activation)

I have been playing with it for a couple days and I have to say it’s a “really” nice phone.  It’s thin yet its 4-inch screen is big and bright.   I love it.


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Samsung Vibrant Unboxing Review!

Well, I’ve been playing with the new Samsung Vibrant for over a day now (and it’s also available as of today at your local T-Mobile store) and I have to say I am impressed by Samsung’s detailed craftmanship. I will have further reviews but for now, let me just quick you couple quick points.

The camera on the Samsung Vibrant is pretty cool, it has an auto-stitch “

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Samsung Vibrant Hacks – How to “Root” Samsung Vibrant!

UPDATE: I have rooted Samsung Vibrant myself, you can also see more detailed, step-by-step instructions and video at Samsung Vibrant Hacks!

For those of you getting a Samsung Vibrant on the 21st when T-Mobile launches its latest super Android phone, you might be happy to learn that someone has already

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Samsung Vibrant Coming to T-Mobile!

For those of you who are on T-Mobile and saddened because T-Mobile doesn’t have a superphone like Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G or Verizon’s upcoming Droid X, your wait is over as Samsung Vibrant, a 4-inch Super AMOLED packed Android Smartphone will be coming on July 21st.

This is basically T-Mobile branded version of the Samsung Galaxy S, similar to the Sprint’s new Epic 4G. (without the 4G of co

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