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Garden DIY – How to Make LED Grow Lights for your Plants!

Hopefully, you won’t be using this LED grow light to grow your illegal plants (or maybe legal depending on where you are and what licenses you have), but here’s a great way to keep your plants healthy full of artificial LED light by making LED grow lights!

Specialized grow lights that closely mimic the sun’s rays are a better solution, but you can get the same effect with special LEDs that are also brighter, cheaper and last far longer. These bulbs actually work best as a supplement to sunlight during the day; however, they’ll also

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Sunbrella is an Umbrella with Solar Powered Fans!

Here’s a new innovative way to change your next beach outing forever with the sunbrella that can re-use the sun’s rays to power its fans and cool you off while you bath in the sun.

With so many uses, the Sun-Brella is a pretty neat tool, not only do you get a bit of from the sun; you can also get power from it at the same time. The device has been designed to supposedly power a small fridge how true that is remains to seen.

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