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Eco-Friendly Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine!

If you really want to save some energy, (and you currently don’t own a washing machine) I highly suggest to get one of these hand-powered portable washing machines.

Although you might have to take some more time doing your laundry, it can actually help your forearms get bigger while you save a ton of energy.

Made of plastic with no mechanical parts, the hand powered washing machine comes assembled. Just attach the handle and go! It can last a

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Caravan Pod is a Portable Mini-RV!

Caravan Pod is a portable mini-RV that looks like peas to be attached to the rear of your vehicle.  With 12 volts of DC powering the pods, you have basic amenities available to you.

It seems a little dangerous for anyone to actually be inside while the pod is being towed but does provide enough “modern” comfort for those short week-long trips to Burning Man.

Overall, I think these will become more popular if they could make it affordable for your everyday working man/woma

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Portable B Ball

Check out this tight portable B-ball for your hummer or any car with a trailer hitch. (I wouldn’t use it on a hummer, unless you got money to throw in the toilet.)

Portable B ballTM is a new generation of a basketball system that will revolutionize the game of basketball! This newly patented product offers you the freedom of playing basketball wherever, and whenever! PortableBball’s can be attached onto standard 2″ (or 1-1/4″ with adapter) trailer hitch re

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