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Russian Gold-Plated Porsche, BMW, and Gold Bullions [Weekend Fun!]

While people here in America focus on engine horsepower and classic paint colors, Russians have perfected their art of gold-plating luxury cars such as Porsches and BMWs.

I find it hard to believe that some people would actually do this as I am sure people might even scratch your car to get some free gold.

Regardless, I think these pictures of gold cars exemplify what can really be done, that is to have a real gold-colored car, not just another “fake” gold car.

This golden Porsche is som

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Russian Steampunk Mouse!

“Oh so pretty,” you say about the Russian Steampunk Mouse.  Why is it Russian anyways?

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WordPress Plugin – Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro

Notice the flags of different countries on top of our website? Yes, these buttons translate the pages into your language. Soon, we will have up to 14 lanuages support translation. Although the translator does not translate like a real human being, it does okay for being a machine. Our web traffic jumped about 5 times as far as search keywords on google. So the bottom line is, if you have a wordpress blog, we recommend this cool plugin from Angsuman. He’s been giving us some updates and fixes every now and then which is cool. Now 40% of our web traffic comes from all over the worl

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