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VMWare DIY – How to Run Ubuntu with Windows 7 in “Unity” mode!

Couple years back, actually exactly 5 years ago, I used to use Linux as my main operating system while Windows XP ran in VMWare Linux.  Well, those days are over because I feel that Windows simply runs slowly inside Linux.  But the other way works, you can always run Ubuntu inside Windows, I think that’s a better way to go if you need both operating systems in one computer.

Today I saw that on HowToGeek.com that there’s a “unity” mode in VMWare that

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PHP Hack – How to Run Background Processes!

Sometimes in web programming, you might need to run (or fork as they say) processes in the background so the web user doesn’t see all of the processing time plus it can potentially “freeze” the webpage on long data processing features of the site.

For that, you can always fork more processes.

The usual line I use is: exec ("/usr/bin/php proc.php >/dev/null 2<&1");

The problem I incurred with above line was that processes were forked except there was still some delay that the visitors saw.

To fix the issue so there’s absolutely no

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Windows 7 DIY – How to Run 1680×1050 in Windows 7!

To run 1680×1050 resolution (which is typical of 20″ and 22″ LCDs) on your Windows 7, you will need to connect your LCD via an HDMI/DVI cable.

If your computer has HDMI output, you can get this HDMI to DVI cable.  If your computer has DVI output, then simply connect DVI to your LCD. (you can get DVI to DVI cable here if you donR

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Firefox Hack – How to Run Faster Firefox!

Most people who have used Firefox for the last couple years probably know this hack but let me do a step-by-step instructions on this for the simplest and best way to make your Firefox browser run faster.

Faster Firefox!

First, go to your Firefox URL address bar and type, “about:config”.

You will see a warning sign but just click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.

Next, enter “network” in the Filter input like this: (Then you should be able to scroll down to network.http.pipelining.

By default

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Run your car on water video!


This one’s kinda old but facinating!

This is quite interesting using what they call HH2 gas, this company is working on using water to power cars or weld things. Currently they have a test vehicle which runs as a hybrid with water and fuel but they say they can run exclusively on water alone… While the technology may not be as unique or breakthrough as the reporter and company spokesman claim (it seems to be based on an electrolytic process commonly known as “Brown’s Gas.”), it’s still a great stor

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DIY – How to run your car from water!


Here’s a cool video of car running on water. What do you think? Thanks gfcgamer!

via byronnewenergy

Here’s also a conversion-kit guide you can buy.

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Giant hamster-ball for humans!

Check out this hamster-ball for humans. You could probably use it as a shield or something and use it as a personal “mobile” device at the same time.

VirtuSphere advantages:

    User can move in any direction; walk, jump, roll, crawl, run over virtually unlimited distances Life-like movements inside cyberspace Standalone or networked Multiplatform Need to change the purpose of use? Just reload the software Mobile solution, transportation in middle size car, assembled in 4 hour


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