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Zedomax Server Update

Hi everyone,

As you know, Zedomax.com has been loading slower and slower lately with the server going down at least couple times a week.

We will be finally upgrading to a new server as I have saved up enough money to do so.  In the meanwhile, you can always enjoy the site (even when it’s down) using an RSS reader such as Google Reader, Netvibes, etc…etc…

Thanks for all your continued support fo

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Web 2.0 – FilterMyRss Launched!

My friend Greg, over at GetUSB.info, runs a great USB gadget blog. I do admit to helping his blog grow initially, but now I am going to help him even more with his new FilterMyRss.com.

Basically, FilterMyRss.com is a web-based RSS filtering tool.

Here’s how you use it:

1. You can feed FilterMyRss.com your feed url. (for zedomax.com it’s https://zedomax.com/blog/feed)

2. You ent

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