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2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA HDD Dock with Cooling Fan for backing up/connecting your Extra Harddrives!

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DIY – How to Make a Vertical Wind Turbine!


Check out this really cool DIY on how to make a vertical wind turbine.  This thing can produce some good amount of electricity for under $300.

With this one I am hoping to get the 100 watts.

Here is how I did it.

First we need: –5 pvc tube. size 3″X10′ (hardware store)$48

–3 bike wheels. size 12″ (junk yard or ask your kid to use their bikes for a minute) maybe $5

–Ametek38 volt (ebay or surplus store) $60 (a problem with ametek, it n

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Robocut – Lawnmower Robot with Basic Stamp!

Check out the Robocut, a lawnmower robot with Basic Stamp as controller.  You can even buy the kit so you can build one yourself.

Now, if you can get one of these DIY kits and make it solar, that’d be something to watch.

“RoboCut, is a BASIC Stamp powered robot. Two 12Volt motors with gearbox gives the two large drivewheels good traction and the robot can manouver in very small areas. Powersource is a NiMh accu-pack at 12V, 4.1 Ah. One motor gives the cutterdisk a rpm at approx. 3500 rpm. A Basic STAMP 2 is the brain in the PCB

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VolksWagon 74 mpg Golf BlueMotion Concept!

VolksWagon 74 mpg Golf BlueMotion Concept!

For those of you Volkswagon-lovers or Golf-lovers (the car I mean), you are in luck as VW is working on a 105 horsepower, 184 lbs.-ft. of torque at a low 2,000 rpm diesel engine that could change the way you pump gas forever.

At 74MPG, you would get about 700-800 miles of non-stop driving equal to a drive between San Francisco and Las Vegas almost.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed so that this Golf gets to production.

Debuting in concept form today is the most fuel efficient and cleanest versi

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Magnet HACK – High-speed Magnetic Levitation / Floating Magnets Dude!


Here’s a great demonstration of a levitating magnet with 2 high-speed rotating cylinders.

Maybe someone can take this idea further and make us some hoverboards please!

While working on science museum exhibits in 1990 I came up with the above idea: it is known that a spinning metal disk will lift and fling a strong magnet. Therefore, metal rods with opposite spin will lift a magnet but WON’T fling it sideways. It works! I used “sched-80″ heavy wall copper tubes about 1-3/8

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iPod to LP DOCK Converts your LP Discs into iPod!

Here’s a cool iPod to LP DOCK which allows you to convert your LP Discs on-the-fly to your favorite iPod.

– Ion Audio USB turntablewith universal dock for iPod – Revolutionary new USB turntable that transfers vinyl to iPod – You can also use the included recording software toarchive your records to CD or MP3 – LP DOCK also has a line-level output for connecting to any home stereo with an AUX input – LP DOCK includes EZ Vinyl Converter 2 for PC (EZVC2) and EZ Audio Converter for Mac (EZAC); the best way to record

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DIY Hexapod CNC Robot!


I thought CNC machines were impressive, this one gets an extra star from me.


For these two videos I’m using a 1/16″ two flute slot cutter, the router is running at approx 35,000 Rpm, the additional battery on the to of the hex is a 12V NiMh 4500mah pack just to run the router. DXF files are loaded in to artcam where G-code tool paths are created. Due to the 10mm thickness of the poly and the cutter only being 6mm long, I chose to do two passes on the workpiece, th

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1370 Horsepower Turbine Jet Boat!


Damn, this thing IS a beast! Crammed with a sizzling turbine jet, this jet boat will pollute the air like crazy yet it’s so cool!

This Turbine Jet-Boat is one fast ride. Looks like 1370 horse power is just enough for a wild water ski ride that you won’t forget.

“The T58-GE-8F turbine that is going in Squirt 2. It weighs 350 lbs and

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DIY WordPress HACK – How to decrease the load on your WordPress blog by 5 factors!

Here’s how to decrease the load on your WordPress blog by 5 factors! (if you are running a dedicated server)I was digging today for some stuff on digg and noticed this post about WordPress performance.

Since Zedomax runs WordPress, I decided to take a look.

Elliott was running only one server yet he claims that he can handle 1,

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