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DIY – Matchstick rocket on instructables

Check this instructables out on how to make one.

How to make a rocket from house-hold materials. It will fly from a foot to 22 feet. I have perfected the match rocket!


How To Make A Simple Matchstick Rocket



Quick and easy way to make a matchstick rocket using a match and foil. These rockets can travel as far at 20 feet.

How To Make A Simple Matchstick Rocket – video powered by Metacafe


DIY Video – Soda Powered Rocket

[gv data=”Zaq2Wb8XukA”][/gv]

Watch as the soda powered rocket launches 500 ft in the air!

Full Story via Hackedgadgets 

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Human rocket

Wow check these underground photos of human rocket from Make!

via Make

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