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Rocket Launch Spotted from a Consumer Airplane! [VIDEO]


Here’s a rather “fun” video of rocket launch in China video-ed by a man in a consumer airplane.  I hope they make sure there’s no airplanes around the next time they launch a rocket.

What is the rocket failed to reach space and ricochet into that very plane the man is taking video from?

Definitely something to think about, it’s called safety.


But yes, it’s rather cool to see the rocket from an airplane for sheezy.

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Cool Rocket Launch Pic!


Here’s a cool pic of a real rocket launch, close-up by a photographer who setup a sound-activated camera.  His camera lens was destroyed but the picture was salvaged.  And yes, picture is worth a thousand words for sure.

via gizmodo

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Fireworks Hack – How to Make Cellphone Triggered Fireworks!

Check out this really cool Fireworks DIY that shows you how to make cellphone-triggered fireworks using a disposable cellphone.  Sorta ghetto the way it looks right now but the theory is there and I am sure you could easily package it to make it look better.

With this tutorial you will be able to create cellphone triggered fireworks. Initially this was designed for a hobby rocket launch, but I found it was just as practical with fireworks . You call the cell phone, an

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