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DIY – Make a computer controlled party light in 90 seconds!

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Today, I was thinking about how I can turn a household bulb into a party light by connecting an embedded computer for my next party in my garage.

We will use a SSR (solid state relay) relays to enable common AC household light…

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ESC Embedded Systems Conferece

Next embedded systems conference in Boston to find the latest emerging technolgies.

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Korean Company To Introduce Bipedal Robot

Robots from Korea coming soon…

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DIY Cross country skating robot

Maybe this will give you ideas…

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DIY Mobile Robot Runs Linux


“Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute has released the first in a series of open, educational robotics designs. The Linux-based “Qwerkbot” can be built in two hours from detailed online instructions, at a cost of $550.”

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Do-It-Yourself Robots with Linux

Hmm…this seems hard, I think u need a graduate degree from MIT…

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DIY – Linux PVR

Getting started w/ a DIY Linux project

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