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Robot Video – Robotic Self Healing Chair


Check out these robotic self healing chairs. I think I’ve seen the video before but here it is again…

Kinda nifty when you are prone to breaking a lot of furniture because of your bad temper or clumsiness. (I, am on the clumsy side…)

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Robotic flowers respond to SMS and web input

Cool, check out these artistic robotic flowers that can respond to SMS and web input.

Matt Gardiner’s recent incarnation of his “Oribotics” (robotic origami flowers) project adds a networked component that allows visitors to send SMS messages to the cyborg buds from their cellphones as well as input control messages through a web-based interface.


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DIY HACK – Robotic DAT Tape Loader

Here’s a really cool DAT backup tape loader robot that being worked on. This might be a great way to automate your server backups especially if you own a hosting company.

Thanks to D. Wilstar for the link!

This is another cheap project, useful to those peoples too lazy to change backup tapes every night (If You said “What’s Backup?” please stop reading! 🙂 ) This p

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The Cool Robot Links of the Day

(Picture via nickbaxter)


Automated Garage

Okay, this automated garage is being installed in New York somewhere. I think it’s great technology that’s really been around but getting better and better every year. The only thing I am wondering is I have not seen a single robotic garage in San Francisco, why?

With attendant-free, fully automatic parking of vehicles, car owners will enjoy the retrieval of their vehicle in less than 2.5 minutes with no risk of dents, scratches or dings to the car. AutoMotion also eliminates the chance of damage to their car interior or theft of per

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