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Top 10 DIY Arduino Projects and HOW-TO Tutorials!

Arduino has been widely popular among hackers and DIY-addicts out there for modding/hacking things.

For those of you just entering the Arduino world, here’s a bunch of great Arduino tutorials/projects that can help you jump-start your next project.

1) Did you know that you can program/flash your Arduino wirelessly?  For those of you who are going to be making devices where the Arduino is hidden from easy access, read up on how you can program your Arduino wirelessl

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DIY Netbook Robot Kit!

Here’s a really cool DIY Netbook robot kit that let’s you start off without re-inventing the wheel.  Whether you have an Eee PC or Dell Mini, this netbook robot kit will work perfectly for getting you a head start on netbook robotics.

Three has a need for speed. We’ve outfitted this robot with our fastest ever motors, yet retained the same quick development and learning, easy expansion and powerful computing of our larger machines – with excellent results!

Three is our greenest robot! The simplified des

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DIY Tin Can Robot Science Kit!

Very similar to the soda can DIY robot kit, this DIY tin can robot science kit will turn your regular soda can into a cute, walking tin-can robot.  Even if you are not a kid, this kid could possibly let you finally kill some time on your relaxing weekends.   “Just a CAN-do attitude…”

Recycle a soda can by turning it into a silly robot that

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