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Autonomous Robotic Fish On Its Way to Fish Out Pollution!


An autonomous Robotic fish is on its way to fish out pollution.  With the increasing number of toxic waste in our waters, it seems that a robotic solution is necessary and the researchers from University of Essex are working around the clock to develop this cool fish that can use its sensors to determine any pollutants that are present.

These robot fish will relay the location of contaminants via Wi-Fi underwater and they can assimilate with other fish.  Using GPS, they can also navigate themselv

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Robofish will play with Sharks for you and collect data!


Here’s a robot fish fromUniversity of Washington that might just change the way environmental scientists collect data from the sea.

Over the past five years Kristi Morgansen, a University of Washington assistant professor of aeronautics and astronautics, has built three Robofish that communicate with one another underwater. Recently at the International Federation of Automatic Control’s Workshop

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