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Wii Hack – DIY Wiimote Controls 15-Ton Robot Arms!

Here’s a really cool video of DIY Wiimote that can control 15-ton robot arm, incredible! –  via hackedgadgets


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Digg Robot Diggs Stories?


Here’s a really lame robot that someone used a cheap hobby robot arm to digg stories.

It could, however, be used for some really useful stuff I think…

via makepinktentacle

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DIY iRobot Arm Robot!


Check out this cool robot made with iRobot and CMUCam.

“This is an iRobot Create fitted with a Robot Arm I pulled from an old Radio Controlled vehicle. It uses a Propeller Protoboard and motor controllers and accelerometers from Parallax to control the Arm and monitor it’s position using the two accelerometers mounted on the arm. The Create is controlled by another Propeller and uses a CMUCam1 for Color

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