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Ring DIY – How to Make Your Own Engagement Diamond Ring!

For those of you who have some good skills with metal and jewelry, making your own engagement diamond ring might not be a such bad idea after as this one guy has proved it can be done (with help of his jeweler).

Might be interest to those of you trying to impress your ladies.

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Ring DIY – How to Make a Silver Ring from Quarters!

Want to give your girlfriend the best gift ever for her Birthday?  How about make a customized silver ring that you can make from quarters made before 1964? (quarters made before 1964 are silver)

Better yet, you could probably engrave something special on the ring when you are done with it.

Do you have a quarter from 1964 or before? If you do, it is made of silver. You can turn that coin into a nice silver band using a spoon, a drill, and a metal file. A quarter will yield a small ring, size ~7 or less. You can get a larger size but the ring will be very skinny. If yo

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