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Re-make Furniture DIY – Freshen up Furniture with Wallpaper!

Here’s a cool way to refreshen your old furniture with some paint and wallpapers.

1) Sand and prime the surface of the furniture.

2) Paint the surface. In this case, a white latex paint was used.

3) Change out the knobs with ones you love. (Flea markets are a great resource for vintage knobs and drawer accessories.)

4) Measure and cut the sections you’d like to cover with wallpaper. An adhesive like 3M Hi-Strength 90 spray will help secure the paper to the wood. (Quick tip – make sure you place the pattern in

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Snake-Shaped Portable Solar Light

From the point of view of designers and engineers, this snake-shaped portable solar light seems to be headed in the right direction for future of modern portable lighting.  Don’t you agree?

This is a very interesting design in the concept stage at the moment but never the less this could be very useful for virtually anyone who uses light, which is everyone basically! The designers

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Scientists now can control Insect Movement!


Wow, this is something that could get out of hand like a scary movie.  What if someone evil controlled like 100 million beetles or somethin’?  Scary…

DARPA’s goal is to create cyborg insects that can fly at least 100 metres from their controller and land within 5 metres of a target, then stay put until commanded to buzz off again. How the insects will be guid

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