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Cargo Bike for Moms

Here’s an interesting cargo bike that can carry your children to school instead of guzzling your 4×4 SUV.

The popularity of the machines is likely to have been boosted by Richmond raising the cost of a parking permit for a large-engined “gas guzzler” to £150. It is also considering charging £75 for an annual permit to drop children off at school by car.

Tony Juniper, direc

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Golf Ball Cake

The news is that someone is selling their house using Digg, but the best part is that this guys made a Titleist golf ball cake! As an avid golfer and user of Titleist golf clubs and balls, I had to post this… Thanks Jack for the tip! More cool cake

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Free wifi coming soon to San Francisco and Zedomax too


Garrett and Kenji have been telling me free wifi is coming to San Francisco pretty soon which isn’t new since the mayor promised this almost 2 years ago. Anyways, we are looking forward to the free internet since our pockets are becoming more empty every day. But i

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DIY – Ultimate Night Vision Headlamp – Night golfer’s tools for putting


Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your own night vision headlamp. Well since I don’t really go to caves, I don’t really need one but I’ve always been thinking of making a useful night light for putting on the putting green at my local public golf course, Lincoln Park. This would be great as I’d be able to putt and follow my ball with simple twist of my head…

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