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LED DIY – How to Make an RGB LED Color Detector!

Have we gone LED hacking crazy today?Β  Yes, here’s a real simple way to make an RGB LED color detector, this might be a good project you can implement for your future devices.

Have you ever wanted an automated way to detect the color of an object? By shining light of a certain color on the object and looking at how much light is reflected back, you can tell what color the object is. For example, if you shine a red light on a red object, that light will be reflected back. If you shine a blue light on a

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How to Practice Jet Skiing in your Spa!


This isn’t a real DIY but still, it’s a proof that you can practice jet skiing in your spa.

via gizmodorgb

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Phillips Color Changing RGB Lamps!

Wow, check out these new color changing RGB Lamps! Although it’s not new tech, we give thumbs up for the design!

The lamp uses 4 LEDs, two red, one blue, and one green. By increasing, reducing, brightening or dimming each LED you get different colors!

The lamp uses a remote control so you can change LivingColors settings from anywhere in the room. What is smart on this remote is the fact that it remembers your last settings so you don’t need to reselect them.

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DIY – Blue Heart LED Light

Here’s a cool blue heart LED light that you can use as an example to make some water filled lights. It’d be really cool if it was RGB.

This is small gift i maked for my girlfriend for Valentine’s day. πŸ™‚ Blue is her favorite color. So i decided make something that is blue.

First idea was to make copper sulphate crystals (I will place instructable how to make them later πŸ˜‰ ) So i was started making crystals but i failed. πŸ™ After two days i only haved so

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RGB Wall Lights at a restaurant in SF


With all the RGB projects we’ve done and we’ve seen around these days, it was cool to see an RGB light in real world setting such as at a fusion restaurant in San Francisco. Anyways, I was way too curious what lay underneath the color changing walls and had to take some pictures before they stopped me. hehe….

These RGB lights for walls can be made from simp

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DIY HACK – Make your own LED Bedroom!

Check out this cool DIY on making your own LED Pimp Bedroom and RGB light HOWTO!

I got this idea last year from a couple different things, one was this rope lightdecoration at the Illini Union courtyard cafe that continuously changes colors. The other was from this huge bright LED sign at Irving Park and Sheridan in Chicago that is at some mechanic that uses the sign to advertise his pa

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