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RFID Hack – How to Make an RFID Music Selector!

For RFID modders, here’s a great DIY to refer to, an RFID application that involves selecting your favorite music using RFID modules!  I know some of you are working on RFID projects, this one should be very helpful indeed.

The RFiDJ project is my first attempt at an application in Imperceptible Computing. After work I like to listen to music/radio for a bit to unwind. This usually involves logging into my HTPC and selecting a playlist. For this project I attempted to change how I interact with my music and HT

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Steel Wallet Protects you from RFID Credit Card Hacks!


While I was flying to Texas couple months back, I noticed this cool Steel Wallet on SkyMall.  Well, I guess you can get this from Hammacher Schlemmer for only $89.95.  If you use any RFID-enabled credit cards, this might be worth the investment.

On top of security, the Steel Wallet is also very fashionable, I think it goes well in its natural silver steel color.  Maybe I will get myself one for t

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TikiTag brings tagging to Real Life!

Here’s TikiTag, a real-life RFID tag that can be used to tag anything in real life.  Think of it as del.icio.us for physical things.

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Mini Cooper Billboard in San Francisco

You can see this Mini Cooper Billboard in San Francisco on your way towards Bay Bridge. I guess this is actually RFID enabled which is kinda cool. Yes, it’s a very effective way of advertising as I do read it about 75% of the time that I pass by this spot looking for changes in what the Mini Cooper is saying… (mostly kinda stupid… one time it was saying something like “Be small and Go faster” or something) But it is indeed very creative. I don’t know if it actually can identify Mini drivers but I will try to see if

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Pondering about Barcodes and the future

With all the barcodes existing on the market today, here’s a website that allows you to make a personalized barcode for yourself.

This may be far off but maybe you can tatoo your barcode and make a touchscreen barcode system to go with it. Well with RFID in a crazy takeoff with Wal-mart and all the greedy mass merchants out there in our world t

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