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Funny Video – Ask a Ninja about Technology


Here’s a cool video that asks a ninja about technology.


Da Bomb TV – Videos that are Da Bomb!

Well, I know we have been posting bunch of videos, but yes, we were hibernating so we can make a new cool video website!  :p  Anyways, you can check it out since we are just gettin’ started! Okay, here’s a cool video site that you can check out that we, me and Kenji made yesterday for fun! It’s basically a bunch of videos that are Da Bomb!

If you have some cool videos, make sure to submit them to Da

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Record and save Youtube, Google, and other online videos on your computer

Keepvid lets you record and download Youtube, Google, and other online videos to your computer. You can also choose different formats of video such as FLV, MPG, Quicktime, and more…

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Online videos eating up TV time – Youtube, Goog, Revver, metacafe, etc…

Well, online videos ARE eating up TV time. At least, I’ve stopped watching TV personally about 2 months ago. Personally, TV is so whacked with commercials and I don’t want to end up as another biased TV couch-potato. Well, I didn’t understand this concept that TV is bad for you when my high school English teacher told me over 10 years ago, but now I do.

Anyways, it is great that now you can simply type some words and get the show you want on

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