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Retro Cassette Tape Doormats!

Want something retro for all your home’s visitors to see when they come visit you?  Don’t forget the Retro Cassette Tape Doormats!

Also, why don’t you disguise your iPhone in an iPhone Cassette Tape Case to while you are at it, it can’t hurt.

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Retro T-Shirts Review – Super Marios Bros. and Spiderman T-Shirts from HotTopic!

Well, I finally bought a brand new T-shirt for myself after almost 1 year of no shopping.  I was over at HotTopic at the mall today and noticed this cool Street Fighter II T-shirt.  (Of course, I don’t shop much but I HAD to get this…)

They didn’t have the XL size I wanted so I had to pick another one, the

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DIY Steam Powered Pencil Sharpener


What’s up with all the retro pencil sharpeners lately? Have people gone nutz?  You can also read up on how they actually make a pencil here with blocks of wood.

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