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Palm Pre USB Cable!

I just lost my Palm Pre USB cable and ended up spending $100 that I didn’t need to.  I guess the retail stores STILL don’t sell the Palm Pre USB cables, what a bummer.

Well, if you have a Palm Pre, prepare yourself against such loss by getting these on Amazon for only a buck each!  Also, there’s an emergency double-A battery charger which might come in handy for all your traveling.

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Prepaid Mobile Broadband from SlingShot.com!

Well, I just received new that SlingShot.com will be offering prepaid mobile broadband via Sprint’s broadband network.

I am currently using 3 Sprint Broadband cards and paying $59.99 per each broadband card but this is a great alternative to save on costs while you don’t use it.

Anyways, this should be available in retail stores real soon, for details, keep checkin’ SlingShot.com.

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Consumer DIY – How to Save Money on Everything You Buy Using Online Coupons!

Well, I’ve noticed myself using more and more online coupons to buy practically everything from mattresses, computers, laptops, and etc…etc…

Anyways, today, I will tell you how to save money on everything you buy using online coupons.  For those of you doing this already, you are an expert.  But for those who don’t know, this could help you save money and send 1% back to me.  (j/k can you take a joke?)

So here’s my mind process whenever BEFORE I buy ANYTHING:

1. Search on Google, “Product Coupon”.  For example, if you were b

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Mattress DIY – How to Buy a Mattress!

One of the most expensive and long-lasting things you will buy for yourself is a mattress.

Today, we will review some of the points that might help you in deciding which mattress to buy.

1. Comfort and Relieves Back Pain

Comfort is probably the first thing that comes to my mind when I buy a mattress.  I don’t care if the mattress is green, latex, memory foam, or spring, if it’s not comfortable, you will have lots of back pains months later and have to buy another mattress anyways.

2. Try Different Mattresses

Try visiting different retail stores in your area

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Circuit City going Bankrupt Soon?

Circuit City(CC) is really losing ground on retail consumers as they are on the verge of being delisted from the stock market.  I have to agree that I don’t remember the last time I went to Circuit City to buy something, especially since most of products are now cheaper online with some products having no tax.

I did, however, buy my 42″ DLP HDTV from Circuit City back in 2

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Time to Boycott BestBuy and Circuit City during Microsoft’s Marketing Antics!

Instead of using their $300 million on customer services/refunds for wrongly-installed Vistas on brand new laptops/PCs, Microsoft is trying to copy Apple Genius strategy by having 155 Microsoft Vista experts roam around your local BestBuy and CircuitCity.

As someone who had a horrible experience at BestBuy trying to return a digital camera, (which BestBuy didn’t let me return it for whatever reason so I now have TWO identical digital cameras) I will be offici

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iPhone 3G Hits Retail Stores on July 11th 8am!

As an early-adopter of gadgets and other technologies, I will not be waiting for an iPhone 3G hopelessly like some folks who are even standing in line right now.

But for those of you who really feel the need to get the iPhone 3G, you need to be at your local retail store around 7am on July 11th and get in line if it’s not long.

– Valid ID required. Social Security Number for those who are new to AT&T. – It remains unclear how existing non-iPhone AT&T will be processed. – Business customers must go to an AT&am

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