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Recommended Resolution

Zedomax.com New Year’s Resolution!

Well, another year is here and I hope this will be the year that our blog really takes off.

Here’s a couple New Year’s Resolutions for Zedomax.com:

1. Cover more of the tech world by starting with CES 2010 in couple days.

2. Better articles – I am working on this as we speak, I hope my writing gets better this year.

3. More hands-on reviews with gadgets.  Since I am going to be finally out of debt, I should be able to finally re-invest some of our site revenue’s on hands-on reviews for gadgets.  Also, more contests, give out more free st

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Dell Mini 10 Adds a 720P Option of 1,366×768 Pixel Resolution!

Here’s some good news for those of you who haven’t yet bought a netbook, Dell will be offering a higher HD 720P resolution of 1366×768 pixels for those of you who are proficient at reading small characters and love HD movies on the go.

Yes sirey, this is the highest resolution for a 10″ netbook yet.  I am sure most other netbook manufacturers will catch on the drift soon.

With average battery power of 4-6 hours on most netbooks these days, it’s a great option for consumers to go with a netbook, instead of buying

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CBS Is Pretty *#&$in Excited About YouTube

Yes, I think YouTube and Google will eventually provide TV services much greater than local TV cable such as Comcast or satellites. Time will tell how successful YouTube is but one thing we know, they have been bought by the biggest internet giant Google and there’s no saying in how the future will be like. We hope that they are able to bring us more high resolution videos than 320 by 240 pixels, which is really crappy to say the least. There is only one future for YouTube and Google marriage, a high-resolution video similar to TV.

Yes, i

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