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Keyboard Hack – How to Make DIY Keyboard Shorts!

This has to be the most interesting blogger-wear ever I’ve seen in the last few years, DIY keyboard shorts that will let you keep blogging away with your legs up, no keyboard to balance on your thighs.

I definitely need one of these for lazier blogging…

Today was Fashion Hacking day with Diana Eng at NYC Resistor and I’ve wanted to make these keyboard pants for a long time. The basic idea was to take a flexible silicone keyboard and somehow integrate it with some pants (or shorts). I had they keyboards laying

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Electricity DIY – How to Make a 2400 Volt Can Crusher!

Here’s a fun DIY that shows you how to make a 2400 volt can crusher!  Is that too much for crushing a can?

Well, I can think of many ways to apply this for can recycling, can you?

The promised and much awaited 2400 volt power supply went through its first test run. It was a little disappointing it takes 4 firings to get the can into the hourglass shape. One of the capacitors might be bad. Anyway a Microwave Oven Transformer charges six 400 volt capacitors through a 500 ohm 250 watt resistor

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DIY – How to Make a Force Sensitive Resistor for about $20!

Here’s a cool DIY showing you how to make a force sensitive resistor for about $6-$20.

It’s a great way to build something that needs to sense “force” of something such as your hand strength, leg strength, etc…etc…  In other words, you could build a soccer game machine with it.

via instructables

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Can resist this, Resistor Man!

You can’t miss the resistor man! (Could we hack it so resistor man moves, Garrett?)


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DIY Circuit – Piezo Gyro Prototypes

Here’s a cool DIY on making your own piezo gyro for sensing movement among other things…

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