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Recommended Reproduction

CineWall is an In-wall Plasma HDTV for “embedding” in your Livingroom Wall!

For those of who need to really utlize space efficiently around the house, especially if you don’t like your flatscreen LCD TV sticking out couple inches from the wall, you can wait for the CineWall, a 95-inch High-Definition TV with a whopping aspect ratio of 2.35:1.

Of course, you will need to shell out about $50,000 USD for this, I’d advice to wait until the prices go down when all th

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DIY – How to make Paper Ghandi!

Here’s a fun way to make your own paper Ghandi.  FYI, if you don’t know Ghandi is, here you go.  (better yet, I suggest you attend elementary school)

This instructable will take you through the process I used to create a 17′ tall reproduction of my avatar from Second Life, MGandhi Chakrabarti.

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FlatMobile – A jet powered reproduction of ‘The Bat Mobile’




Did we say “Bat Mobile” with a jet engine?  Well the jet engines seems to do nothing more but bust out some flames but still kudos for tryin’.

This crazy, crazy “Flatmobile” is going to enter the Guinness books as the flattest vehicle ever. How flat is it? Nineteen inches. I think that

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